Aerial Yoga is still relatively new to the fitness arena. As use of aerial fabric has become more popular and accessible in recent years, so to have aerial slings & hammocks.

Aerial Yoga practice holds exciting possibilities for individuals, that of mindfulness, being in the present, meditation, but also the versatility of the hammock means your classes can be scaled for any level, from absolute beginner to athlete. Each participant will see progression and improvement in strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination.

My clients say that they enjoy their Aerial Yoga classes because they have fun. It is not often that adults allow themselves to “play”. With playful attitude, curiosity & the natural inquisitive qualities we are able to try new things, achieve new possibilities, connect to our true selves and are left with a sense of achievement. This naturally builds confidence, which is taken and applied to all areas of life.


Classes in Hammersmith:

1 Dalling road

W6 0JD ( 2 min walk from Ravenscourt Park station)

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