Backbend Flexibility Workshop

We excited to offer Backbend Flexibility Workshop with Bryony Farrar!

You will get super warm & do specific back bend stretches, increasing shoulder, chest, upper back flexibility, focusing on these areas and preventing injury, holding them for longer and breathing.

You will be working on your back arch, bendy handstands, bendy elbow stands, chest stands, also on some pole moves.

All in all a fun bendy workshop for complete beginners or advanced bendy people.

For booking please click here

£25 per person

1 Dalling road

W6 0JD



Finding your freestyle

Finding Your Freestyle® was originally conceived by Tracee Kafer, who regularly teaches this inspirational class at Body & Pole in NYC. Tracee is also one of the founding co-directors of improvisational pole dance company Pole Speak.

You can find out more about Finding Your Freestyle® and Tracee’s mission & vision at <>

Maybe you don’t invest enough time in your freestyles, or maybe you do and you just want more? This workshop is designed to give you the tools and freedom to go deeper and further in your freestyle movement practice.

Become more confident in your own body and learn how YOU love to move in a supportive environment focused on the individual and the collective enjoyment of dance.

This workshop will be taught by Julanne – the UK’s only licenced Finding Your Freestyle® instructor – check out her profile here:

In this workshop Julanne will take you through a guided warmup followed by assignments designed to enhance body awareness and emotional and physical expression. These exercises will define and refine your movement style, and evolve the way you approach and interact with the pole. Learning to experience freestyle as a practice is a personal investment in transforming your mind, body, and spirit on and off the pole.

There is a limit of 6 people for this 2hour workshop. Please book here £25 per student.


                                                BELLYDANCE SUMMER COURSE WITH SARASVATI

Date: 03.06.17 3pm-4pm
Duration: 8 weeks Bellydance Summer course
Description: Bellydance known also as Oriental or Raqs Sharki is one of the most popular dance forms studied and performed around the globe that focuses on strengthening your core muscle, increasing your flexibility, improving balance and coordination, enhancing self esteem and confidence, improving your posture and strengthening your pelvic floor.

This complete beginner’s level course focuses on the basic technique of belly dance like hip and upper body isolations, travelling steps and arm movements which will help set the foundation for future progress and enable you to apply those moves in other fitness/dance forms. It combines both traditional as well as modern elements which will strengthen your hip workout and increase body fluidity.

If you still feel that you need motivational push feel free to watch Sarasvati Dance video here

Free taster class available for new students.

Fees: £55.00 for pre booking only, £10.00 drop in. Aerial active students receives further discounts please contact aerial active team.
Location: 1 Dalling Road, W6 OJD.
For more information please visit


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